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The Malawi Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives is an umbrella organization of its affiliated Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Malawi. SACCOs in each geographical region of Malawi are grouped into chapters. Currently there are three chapters, one in the South, one in the Centre, and one in the Northern region. A democratically elected Director of a Chapter sits on the MUSCCO Board. The role of MUSCCO is to develop and promote SACCOs in Malawi to the general public so that they can join and become economically empowered.

Previously, MUSCCO has not taken an initiative to address gender inequalities existing within the organization or the cooperative society movement in Malawi, despite the fact that there are many challenges that hinder women from effectively participating and benefitting from the movement. The micro credit and micro enterprise programmes and other services offered by the cooperative societies are not fully patronized by women in the country due to inadequacies and gaps in the gender structures at all levels in MUSCCO and its affiliated SACCOs.


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