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Marketing and Promotion

MUSCCO being the Apex body of the movement, its mandate is to promote development of SACCOs in Malawi.In the current strategic plan, marketing falls under Pillar 3 Communication and Visibility. Whose main goal is to Improve brand image for MUSCCO and SACCO. Below are functions that define the role that MUSCCOs role under Marketing and Promotions.

1.    Technical Support

MUSCCO provides marketing technical support to the SACCOs. This support is delivered to the SACCOs throughmarketing training facilitation (at SACCO and also movement as a whole), recruitment of marketing personnel, development and implementation of annual marketing work plans and strategies.

2.    Advertising & Promotion

Much as SACCO’s advertise their products, MUSCCO being the Apex body, plays a big role in regards to enhancing visibility for the movement. Advertising strategies used are; Outdoor advertising, Radio& Television advertisement, print media and direct marketing.

3.    Corporate Social Responsibility
MUSCCO provides support for the movements’ corporate social responsibility planning and management.

4.    Relationship Management
SACCO/ MUSCCO relationship is vital to the growth of the movement.

5.    Project Visibility

MUSCCO has a number of development partners, apart from implementation of the projects; MUSCCO also advertises what it is doing with these partners. This helps in enhancing visibility of the projects because the general public is able to appreciate the success of the projects.

6.    Knowledge Management
MUSCCO is a custodian of knowledge generated throughout the SACCO movement and as a way of stimulating innovation and growth of the movement, MUSCCO ensures best use of the knowledge through sharing, collaboration and other information delivery channels.