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Co-operative Development Foundation (CDF)

Increasing Wealth and Food Security through the Integrated Co-operative Business Model (INVEST Co-op)


 MUSCCO has a long standing partnership with the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (formerly the Canadian Co-operative

Association or CCA) inseveral projects for more than 15 years. For INVEST Co-op, MUSCCO and CDF Canada partner up once again to improve the economic wellbeing of 50,000 small producers of soya, ground nuts, beans, and maize.  Through an integrated co-operative approach, the program aims to benefit producers by increasing production and productivity, increasing access to markets, and increasing access to financial services. CDF Canada also works with CIC Malawi to introduce weather index-based agricultural insurance products to these farmers to help them manage their risks. Offering insurance through an integrated co-operative model will lower risks, administration costs, and claim processing times.  INVEST Co-op is made possible by the Government of Canada’s financial support and by the Canadian co-operators’ financial and in-kind contribution. https://cdfcanada.coop/