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Apr 30 2022

Tiyanjane Village Savings and Loans group is among hundreds of groups that have been mobilized by MUSCCO through FARMSE project in Mangochi. The group has a membership of 30 with a breakdown of 12 men and 18 women from Group Village Headman (GVH) Issa Mponda in Traditional Authority (T/A) Mponda in the district. The group has been together for the past eight years. In 2019, the group started to work with MUSCCO through the FARMSE project and within a year, it improved tremendously in the areas of record keeping, drawing up and adherence of the group’s constitution.
These improvements had positive bearing on the group’s financial performance as the group shared out MK1, 700, 000 that year, which was an improvement from MK1, 100, 000 shared the previous year.
Embracing the spirit of financial inclusion as advocated in the project, in 2020, the group joined MUFUNA SACCO where it kept its excess savings amounting to MK 750, 000.
Emboldened by business training and coaching from MUSCCO in FARMSE project, the group continued on its growth pattern in 2021 by investing MK610, 000 into maize buying and selling business. The group managed to buy 122/50k bags of maize which the kept from June to November when they sold it realizing the profit of MK366, 000.
The group’s chairperson Mr. James Stambuli could not hide his excitement with the way the group has improved in the past two years. “Our group had stagnated and members started losing interest in its activities. This resulted into poor financial performance for the group. However, the coming in of the FARMSE project through MUSCCO revived the group and our immediate goal of improving financial performance was realized. Encouraged by our business performance this year, we would like to permanently establish ourselves as business group beyond the savings and loan activities. We are grateful in so many ways to the project because the regular visits for technical support by our trainer/coach has helped us to realize that we can do much thruogh the group beyond just saving and borrowing. For instance, through the project we have been introduced to study circle learning methodology. Through this learning approach, we aim to help each other improve in various aspects of our lives by utilizing the life experiences of the members and new information that we may come across. As a group we are sure that even after MUSCCO completes its work in this area, Tiyanjane group shall still continue utilizing the various capacities left to us by the project.”


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