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Financial literacy deepening

Sep 23 2022

Through FARMSE Project, MUSCCO has conducted a good number of Financial Literacy Trainings in Ntchisi district.

The aforementioned trainings have had positive impact on the lives of most VSLA members as the rights holders are now able to make sound financial decisions that would spur their families and businesses.
Mrs. Louise Kandani hails from Kandani Village in Traditional Authority Nthondo where she is also a Community Facilitator under FARMSE Project.
She understands the provision of financial education by the project as the only way to bring success on the table of any VSLA member as well as proprietors of SMEs.
Kandani alluded that most women and youths from the cluster in which she is operating understand the basic principles of financial literacy such as (a) understanding why is it important for them to be saving money, (b) where to open an account, (c) how to keep financial records, but also (d) how to access a loan.

Financial literacy

During the VSLA monitoring exercise that the project conducts, the district COMO had the privilege to interact with one VSLA member from TA Nthondo who had this to say,
My name is Limbikani Kabanga and I was born on the 1st of January, 1992. I come from Tchale Village, GVH Mtawaira 2, TA Nthondo. As a youth, I had a dream to become a successful business person. Every business I venture into could not flourish because I did not know how to manage my finances let alone a conducive environment to save and borrow money. When Mrs Kandani, came to our village to promote the VSLA concept with the help of the Village Development Committee (VDC), I understood the methodology as the best way that could solve my problems and become a prominent business person in the near future. We started our group-Mtendere 1 in the year 2019, and the association trusted me with the position of chairperson. As an individual member, I saved my money through the purchase of shares to the tune of Mk 150, 000.00. At the end of the first circle, I walked away with Mk 295, 000.00, the chunk that I invested in my grocery business.
This year, I am more than determined to save more money so that I sustain my business and compete with other players who are operating in the same business environment.

Financial literacy2

When asked how MUSCCO through the FARMSE Project has helped him to realize his personal dreams, Kabanga cited the financial literacy concept. He pointed out that the financial education has equipped him to the extent that he is essentially able to make good financial decisions.
Not only that, he is more likely to succeed in his grocery and agriculture businesses because of the concept.
He said he is now able to save money at the VSLA to meet emergencies. Before MUSCCO, Kabanga thought that saving can only be done by putting money aside for future use. But now he understands that one can save through buying and selling of goods at a profit.

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